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A Launchpad to Your Higher Purpose

What has been the most powerful tool in Mike’s toolbox for creating the amazing life he has today?  Visioning!!  From a young age, Mike’s parents would challenge him to do small visioning exercises.  Visioning is about creating your perfect future reality and then allowing yourself to live into that space.  In essence you must know who you want to be for it to become reality, it is a foundational component to building a life you love. The Moonshot Guidebook – initially a visioning tool for BIGGBY COFFEE Home Office employees – is a workbook that will help put visioning to work for you.  Think of it as a “how to” manual on visioning.  

It started at a young age and continues today: 

  • When his father visioned buying a green Karmann Ghia as a fun summer toy.  Within weeks he gathered the kids to show them a green Karmann Ghia sitting at an intersection for sale on his route home from work.  He ultimately didn’t buy the car, but the visioning exercise proved out.   
  • Or the time Mike’s Mom had him envision scoring goals at an important hockey game and sure enough on the ride home from the game there was stunned silence as a goal was scored each way he had envisioned. 
  • Or the time Mike visualized his wife by listing the 18 things he wanted in a partner and on his second date confirmed she met 17.5 out of 18 criteria.  They were married 8 months later. 
  • Or the time Mike envisioned buying the Detroit Red Wings and climbing up the stairs to board the plane for his first road trip as the owner.  (This has not materialized but is Mike’s moonshot.  Stay tuned……) 

 Additional Information

The MOONSHOT Guidebook is a collaborative effort Mike worked on and with the LifeLab team from within BIGGBY COFFEE, specifically Laura Eich and Jeremy DeRuiter.  The project came together over a number of years.  Interestingly, the MOONSHOT Guidebook was not intended to be for public consumption.  It was an internal handbook built for employees to begin to step into the art of visioning.  Over time, franchise owners showed interest in learning more and it was revised for public consumption.  Finally, Conscious Capitalism press approached us about publishing it under their banner and it is now available to the world. 

The MOONSHOT Guidebook will walk you through a process to create a vision for your future.  Most people are stuck within the current circumstance of today and those circumstances to limit how they think about tomorrow.  What visioning does generally, and the MOONSHOT Guidebook will do specifically, is help you create your future perfect reality.  You will write about it in great detail and learn how to emotionally connect to that reality.  Once you have emotionally connected to that reality you will have the energy that will fuel the discipline necessary to make that future reality a possibility.  Be careful with this tool, and be careful what you ask for, because the power of visioning is immense and what you present to the world as your future reality has an incredibly good chance of coming to fruition. 

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