Michael J. McFall
Mike holding a book and a sunflower in an awesome pink blazer.

About Mike

Mike’s Philosophy in Life & Business

Mike doesn’t have an MBA and isn’t a workaholic. His favorite car brand is VW and his favorite watch brand is Casio. You won’t hear him speaking in stereotypical business jargon, and he doesn’t believe in using fancy presentations.

He is, however, the co-founder and co-CEO of BIGGBY® COFFEE, a fast-growing coffee franchise with over 350 locations. You might say he has done it the old-fashioned way: on a handshake, and with steadfast dedication and dependability.

If I have to be a workaholic to be successful, I don’t want it
A leader holding a flag and leading a teammate up stairs
Be the leader you wish your son or daughter could have
Icon of speaker at a podium with a text box above their head
Speak last, if at all
Icon of two hands shaking one another
Approach everything in the mindset “How can I be helpful?”
Icon of a head sleeping on a pillow snoozing
Take naps and tell your people about it
Icon of golf ball on a tee
In golf, nobody cares what you shot
Icon of a head with a smiley face as a brain
Get my kids to 25 with no debt, no addictions and no unwanted children
Icon of slippers
Wear holes in your slippers
Icon of teddy bear
Children need vast amounts of time to be bored and play
Icon of a person with a finger to their lips as if to quiet something
Silence is the Magic Elixir
Icon of a house with a globe inside
Everyone is searching for the right way to live so the world is a home
Icon of two people dancing with music around
Parents need their own lives; children do too
Icon of people standing together
Your best mentor is your team

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